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Creative Longarm Quilting Services
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The Quilted Kangaroo provides high quality, custom longarm quilting services. Costs are determined by several factors, including the size of your quilt, the type of quilting done and the batting used.

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Types of quilting

Edge to Edge  — This is a single pattern or pantograph pattern, which is quilted over the entire quilt top.
Meandering — Free motion quilting in a consistent pattern over the entire quilt top.

Edge to Edge Pantographs and Meandering are fast, economical ways to finish a quilt.  If your quilt top is full of busy fabrics where the quilting tends to be lost, this typically works grea and is a great fast and inexpensive quilt finish.  Cost for this quilting is 1.5 cents a square inch.

Custom — Any combination of free motion, pantograph patterns, meandering, blocks, stitch-in-the-ditch, border treatments or templates used to complete a quilt top.
Outlining — Free motion quilting around appliqués or around preprinted designs on a quilt top. Considered Custom Quilting.
Stitch in the Ditch — Stitching in between seam lines to add definition to quilt blocks. Considered custom quilting given the tedious nation of the quilting so that the stitches do not show but the desired block definition does.

Custom quilting adds unique personally to your quilt.  Depending on density of quilting and difficulty of pattern, cost of this type of quilting varies from 2-3 cents a square inch.

Heirloom — Typically intricate, heavy quilting designs that are very labor intensive such as trapunto, wholecloth, or designs requiring that the entire quilt be marked prior to quilting.  Pricing available on request.

Batting — I recommend and use two different types of batting: Warm and Natural 100% cotton batting and Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 cotton poly blend. Batting is $8.50 per yard.

Thread —  Specialty threads such as variegated or metallic are also  available.

Binding —  I can also bind your quilt upon reqest. Please ask for binding when requesting your quote.

Click here to request a free consultation and price quote.



A longarm quilting machine is a large, commercial, sewing machine that has the ability to move 360 degrees. It is operated using hand controls and moves smoothly across the quilt.  The length of the typical longarm machine throat is approximately 30", making it possible to handle even large quilts with thick batting. The machine rests on wheels, which move effortlessly along rails embedded in a 12 foot table.
The quilt top, batting and backing is each attached to rollers, creating a "sandwich." Such pinning onto the rollers eliminates the need to pre-pin or baste the three layers together. As the longarm machine quilts the quilt, the rollers are advanced to keep the quilt secure and wrinkle free. The longarm machine is then positioned directly over the three quilt layers. The longarm operator stands on one side of the machine to follow a preprinted pattern called a "pantograph," or on the opposite side of the machine to do free-motion or "custom" quilting. Longarm quilting machines can generally stitch up to 3,500 stitches per minute in contrast to domestic or home machines, which average 750 stitches per minute. Longarm quilting is therefore much faster and less cumbersome than other quilting methods.

Longarm quilting is very durable, and in many cases much more artistic in its interpretation. With its durability, time saving, and creative capabilities, longarm quilting machines are enabling quilters to enjoy completing projects while managing other demands in their lives.

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