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Here are more examples of my work. Please click on the quilt shown to see a larger picture with more detail. The quilts show several of the different types of quilting that are available.

Kappa Alpha Theta Kite Quilt
This kite wall hanging was quilted with a free-hand swirl pattern, which gives it the sensation of movement. I used coordinated multi-colored (variegated) thread for most of the quilting, then added depth using gold metallic thread.
Kite Quilt
Wreath Quilt
This wreath wall hanging was the quilter's first project. I quilted the background using moderate density meandering with coordinated thread colors to bring the wreath to the foreground. Metallic thread accents the ribbon.
Ribbon Quilt
Broncos Quilt
This quilt is a favorite of a young fan and gets a lot of "use". The all-over meandering makes it very durable. (We think it will last as least until the Broncos win another Super Bowl or even longer!)
Broncos Quilt
Teddy Bear Quilt
This is one of two quilts made by a local church group to auction as part of a fundraiser. Echo quilting around the bears makes them standout and adds life to this simple design. Teddy Bear Quilt
Loops and Stars
This is second of two quilts made by a local church group to auction as part of a fundraiser. Freehand loops and stars in the dark squares help add interest to this quilt. Loop Quilt





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