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Here are a few examples of my work. Please click on the quilt shown to see a larger picture with more detail.

"I Spy" Baby Quilt
Made for a friend's first child, the fascinating "I Spy" baby quilt features easy custom quilting. Notice how the stippling in the yellow triangles made the "I  Spy" blocks really pop!
I Spy Quilt
Roy Rogers Quilt
This was a quick quilt, which had great fabric and was lots of fun to quilt. It features all-over quilting in the center, with stippling in the half-square triangles. A rope border provides a nice finishing touch.
Roy Rogers
Fish Quilt
This colorful quilt is a great example of moderate custom quilting that combined metallic threads around the fish fabric to add sparkle and accent the fish. A gentle wave inner border and a larger feathered outer border complement the design. fish quilt
Cowboy Boots
Here is a wonderful example of how custom quilting can enhance a quilt.  the  quilting on the boots was done to look like stitching on a real cowboy boot, mctavishing in the background made the boots stand out, and nothing says Texas more than a background of loops and stars.
Cowboy Boot Quilt





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