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Creative Longarm Quilting Services
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The Quilted Kangaroo provides high quality, hand-guided longarm quilting services.

Our family had the opportunity to live in Sydney for four years. It gave me the chance to work with some incredible quilters. Our Australian experience was wonderful and serves as the inspiration for the name of our company.

After 40+ years of sewing, 20+ years of piecing and hand quilting (which resulted in many unfinished projects), I purchased an APQS Millennium longarm quilting machine.

My husband, Mark, is my business partner. He handles the "details" so I can concentrate on the art of quilting. My years of quilting have enabled me to approach projects with a quilter's unique attention to detail. I am committed to making sure that every quilting project I do is one that I would be proud to display.

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"I wouldn't trust my quilt to anyone else." -- Barbara J., Maryland

"Impeccable work, great service. Cindy took an simple piece and made it special. Thanks!" -- Marian S., Texas

"My quilt top had a few 'issues', but after Cindy did her 'magic', my mistakes seemed to disappear." -- Rita H., Minnesota

"Cindy took my design and brought it to life. I was truly impressed with her workmanship." -- Ivy S., Texas

"Even though it took 17 years to finish this quilt top (you all know what I'm talking about), Cindy's quilting made it worth the wait!" -- Jennifer L., Arizona


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